T-shirt dresses!

I’ve been toying with this idea in my head for a while and it just now came into fruition! I just listed it on Etsy. I recently learned how to grade patterns (from this book, which I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn about pattern-making!), and so now I’m offering custom made dresses on Etsy!

Really excited!

I’ve had one of these for a while now (this one’s not mine, I just don’t have a good picture of mine at the mo). 

But it was missing the slide plate, the thumb screw, and the foot. Since those are all easily replaceable, I’ve slowly been getting them, and today I ordered the last two pieces I need! So once those get here I’ll be able to use it! I’m hoping it’ll last me a good long time, seeing as it’s made of metal. It’s also missing the spool stick to load the bobbin with, but I’m not worried as I have another machine I can do that with. Mine’s also not this clean, but that will come in time! I’m just super excited to have it working again! The only bad thing is that it’s a straight-stitch only machine (not like it’s higher end counter-parts that use these neato cams!), but again, I have another sewing machine that I can do that on in a pinch!

I just ordered this little baby!



just so that I can say WHO NEEDS BRACES?

They are DUMB.

I love my crooked teeth and I think they make me unique.

New things on Etsy!

This is my first clothing item on Etsy, so I’m excited about it!

It was a lot of trial and error, but I like it! Also, it has an invisible zipper!

I added ANOTHER item to Etsy!

I posted this to Etsy the other day! I mentioned it in a post the other day, but I just posted it the other night. The other one sold really quickly! So that was good.

I listed a new Etsy item!

This bag is now up for sale on Etsy! You can read more about it there.

I got a rotary cutting mat!

I am super excited about it. It is sew nerdy of me (I got everyone that joke)!

The fabric you see on the mat is the same pattern I used for this bag, and once I finish it, it’s going on Etsy!

A hat!

I didn’t really have a good hat to wear for winter, so I made this one! It was my first experience knitting a hat in the round (I’ve only done mittens and gloves before), and I am pretty satisfied with the results.

Aaaaand finished!

A backpack/purse hybrid!

For my most recent Textiles class project, the assignment was to make a bag or purse or case of some sort, and it has to be lined. I’ve made cases and lined them before (obviously) but I decided to step away from laptop cases and do something a bit more ambitious. I was having trouble finding a purse/bag I liked that was good for biking and every day use, so I made one! I like this one a lot, so I might try to make another one (a slightly modified one with a zipper pocket on the outside) and sell it on Etsy.


All sewn up:

Putting in the draw string:

and all finished!